Everybody Has An ... Opinion

Well folks, the day is quickly approaching.
With Jackson repeating words all day and naming all his body parts, we have been polling various family members and close friends for what they ended up naming certain...uh...parts.
While we plan to go with accurate, anatomical terms (because we can't stand those silly pee-pee and wee-wee names) we think a term for the general area would be helpful. We would prefer an easy to pronounce, not too embarrassing term.
The following is a list of various names that are or were used for males or females among our family and friends. (I think you will be able to tell which was which and maybe even who volunteered what.)

Some are creative, some crass and some...well...enjoy!

Datz-so-lone (je)
Private body
Front bottom
Big Jim and the twins

Isn't family so helpful?

So now I am polling you!

Gotta favorite?

What worked for your child(ren)?


Anonymous said…
We just call it our private/personal area. She does know the anatomical names as well and has no problem using the correct terms.

Cousin Lori
Sylvie said…
I believe the delicate term is "down there." As in, "Can't you keep your hand away from down there you little perv!" Wait, maybe that was how we referred to the drawer where mom kept the candy. ;)
Sylvie said…
"baboo"? Isn't that what Jax was calling Jason for awhile there? Not nice, Jackie! :))

There's hoohah, but I'm pretty sure that's female. As is coochie. I know we want to avoid all words ending in "ck" right? And "weinie" is such a confusing term, as are all food references I imagine.

I'll give it some more thought. You're welcome.
Sylvie said…
How about "front lawn"? This would be especially descriptive if your front lawn includes a hose. ;)

Am I the only one laughing here?
Cookie said…
Our niece refers that area as one's "privacy." She will also tell you she requires privacy when visiting the restroom, which has a nice double meaning.
Houpley said…
hello lori! i'm always interested in what other mothers have done. thanks for your suggestions. i think personal area could work.

sylvie- front lawn would be hilarious considering how obsessed he is with yard work.

i must say i'm looking forward to the day i hear colin mention his toggy! :)

lol cookie.
i think it is a tie between personal area and privacy. tell ray-ray we did think about using his nickname...! what!
Anonymous said…
There has to be a good story behind "toggy".
Sylvie said…
"Personal area" sounds like your cubicle at the office! Genitals have long been referred to as your "privates," so I'd go with the privacy bit. Of course, one of these days, some ignorant kid at the urinal beside Jack will say, "I'd like some privacy," and Jack will be forced to report him to the authorities. It could happen!

Yes I know you're trying to ignore my juvenile attempts at humor in hopes I will shutup. Won't work. ;)
ddority said…

have you seen the vagina monologues? there is a great part on our "down there"s.

(and i hate to be the downer, but having worked with sexually abused children, i'd really like to encourage people to use appropriate names... when kids report "the babysitter touched my 'bunny' or 'toggy'" to a teacher, the teacher may not be so concerned. again, sorry for the downer-factor).
Houpley said…
man, how bout that debbie downer bummin' out the blog.
that's my debry. always the voice of reason and bummer-ness.

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