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Seven has arrived and it has brought with it a new and deep love for Legos. I had been told this Lego love would show up eventually. But I was not prepared for the extreme fascination, the stories, the characters, the details or the commitment. It seems the medieval times Lego scenarios are the most appealing with a little Star Wars tossed in. I’m sure R2D2 doesn’t mind fighting knights and red dragons storming the castle.

Which brings us to the intergalactic phenomenon that is Lucas Films. Many moons ago in a galaxy far, far away we told Jackson he couldn’t watch Star Wars until he turned 7. So for the seventh birthday there were light sabers, Jedi apparel, intergalactic cupcakes and even Darth Vader appearances. We’ve have entered full-on boyhood. Seven has also become more serious about traveling on two wheels. Ready for a new bike, the larger Red Rocket bicycle looks less kid-bike and more grown-up. A striking scene to see the boy wheeling around. With each birthday we create a sig…


"Well hello there, Sir!"
This is currently Eli's favorite way to greet you so I thought I would start with that. It is always accompanied with his hand on his hip, his head tilted slightly to the side and a giant grin.
The disarming greeting melts you every time.
He combines it with silly voices. I was just telling mom the other day that I'm not 100% sure what Eli's real voice is.
He has an "old man" voice, a monster voice, a British voice - the list goes on.
He knows he is quite charming and uses his powers irresponsibly.