So anyone who has ever spent more than ten minutes with me knows about Jackson's battle with his ears and related infections.
I tend to ramble when it comes to ears, drainage, tubes and antibiotics. I'd like to think that after all of Jack's ear drama, I'm somewhat of an expert on all things ear.
Gotta ear infection question? treatment idea? questionable antibiotic? etc.
Ask me.
We've done it all.
As has most of our family, considering it appears to be a genetic issue. Everybody has a tube story don't they?
This morning, after Eric scooped him up and brought him into bed for some a.m. cuddling, I noticed a tiny something peeking out of Jackson's ear. I've become obsessed with looking in his ear, so it is just habit to do a quick glance.
And low and behold there it was.
Resting there.
Mocking me.
Tiny and round.
The tube.
The very expensive, teensy tube just resting on his teensy ear flap.
We made it nine months. It's like the tube had had enough of gestating and was ready to see the world.
Oh and the best part? He currently has an ear infection.
Don't you just love holiday weekends?
The truly best part is that our little man is such a trooper. He is just as happy as can be. Singing his made up songs.
Just now I hear him working on a bluesy tune about his little lost tube...


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