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A List of Lists

Things have been rushing by so fast that I am nervous I will forget all the things I want to remember so I am going to make a blog list of things I want to blog.
1. Birthday weekend
2.Jackson's New Cooking Show
3. Cool Whip
4. Does Jackson have a book with animals?
5. The Dog Crazies
6. Turkey!
7. Becoming Cliniqued
8. S = B


I am thrilled our son has been born in a world where being the president of the United States while also being black will be an everyday thing for him.
We've taught him how to say Barack Obama. Sure, it comes out: "Roc Mama" but I'm sure the Preseident-Elect won't mind.
I am also thrilled to announce and welcome our friend's son Ian David. The 10-pounder came into the world the day many White House precendents were kicked out.
I'm partial to Election Day babies.

Rounding Out His Resume

Jackson's resume is growing.
A few words to add to the list:
Help (only he says it: Bop)
Meow (only he says it: Owwww)
Vroom Vroom (when playing with cars, tractors, trains, etc.)
Boo (which really means peek-a-boo)
Roar (came in handy for Halloween)
Go-Go (for when he "reads" Go Dog! Go!)
And we are working on calling the hogs. He's getting close.

Current skills:
-Can identify body parts: nose, eyes, head, belly, foot and toes
-Can zerbert you on command