Eli Fletcher Copley

Things can change in an instant.
Our baby boy was born Nov 9 at 10:35. He weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces. He arrived three weeks early. But appeared to have enough poundage for a safe delivery.
He arrived with quite a healthy cry. His healthy cry gave everyone a sigh of relief. We were thrilled to hear those healthy sounds. Eric stayed with him while the doctor finished my surgery.
We would all meet up in the recovery room.
When I was wheeled in to the recovery room, no one was there.
I was told Eli had to be taken to the special care nursery because he had started grunting to get the fluid out of his lungs.
Everyone remained positive.
After an hour the nurses came back to explain he was not absorbing the oxygen he was receiving and they bumped his intake. Eventually they would put him on a cpap.
He was taken to the NICU.
By the end of the night he was put on a ventilator.
Things can change in an instant.
That night he was monitored and it appeared he was going to be able to be weaned off the vent. More sighs of relief.
The next morning he took a turn for the worse.
We have been told that Eli has PPHN. Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.
Basically the blood vessels in his lungs are not dilating enough, limiting the amount of air pumped to the body.
They have begun to give him nitric oxide to help open those vessels. An echo cardiogram revealed his pulmonary artery is too constricted. The nitric will hopefully help relax this artery and help his body restore itself.
He is hooked up to many machines and is sedated to help limit his stress levels.
You can imagine this is a horrifying sight for us. But we remain focused that these things and the amazing staff at St. Johns are doing everything they can for Eli.
We are in for a long process but are trying to stay hopeful. We were living breath by breath. Now we are living hour to hour. These are the small steps that we must rejoice in.
Eli had a good night last night as there were no drastic changes. These are the things we focus on right now. Getting to stable.
We will update his progress here as much as we can.
Please pray for him to heal. Pray for his body to recover. Your positive energy and love are helping.
He is such a beautiful and amazing little boy. Pray for Eli.


Cookie said…
We're praying for your family. Even my mom is involved. We hope for good news for you soon.
Teri Gibson said…
We are praying for you guys and little Eli.
jeana said…
Dearie called earlier. Know that I'm praying for all of u.
Stay strong guys, we're thinking of you.
aaclaude said…
My prayers are with you and yours.

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