Today marked the first time Jackson met an earthworm.
The initial meeting was so successful it caused the boy to burst into giggles in between bouts of song.
The worm was much obliging and reacted appropriately after each poke by increasing worm-squirm. An event that only added more joy to Jackson's day of yard work.
By the third earthworm discovery, the excitement had not worn off. There was much inspecting, minor poking and unlimited squealing.
It was a good day.


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see what he thinks of a roley-poley. How do you spell that, anyway?
Sylvie said…
Pretty sure this gardening thing, and the affinity for creatures of the soil, is a family trait. Grandma Helen used to tell how baby Sylvia would follow her around the garden searching for live things. I remember none of this of course, but many times heard G.H. quote little me as having said, "Oh Grandma! Look at the BEAUTIFUL grubworm!"

Maybe I should get my own blog. ;)

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