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Jackson, where are you? I can't hear you.

It's ok Mam. I'm in your room messin' with stuff I'm not supposed to be messin' with.

Got Milk?

Hey Mam, did you know that the milk that falls out of a cow's lady parts is good to eat?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Jackson, you need to listen to what mama and daddy tell you. Do you have your listening ears on?*

No, mama my listening ears broke and I had to order new ones and the package hasn't come in the mail yet.


Eric, did you hear me?


Are you listening to me?

Not really, but I think some of it got in anyway.

*That is the phrase they use at school.


I love how every time an airplane flies overhead Jackson waves at it and says, "Hey granddad!"
I always ask if he saw granddad in the plane.
"No, but he always flashes the lights at me."