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Jackson: Ouch! Ouch! Mama!

Me: What is it? What's wrong?

Jackson: My foot.

Me: Oh, you just woke up in your car seat. Maybe your foot is asleep?

Jackson: No, it isn't.

Me: Then did you do something to it?

Jackson: No.

Eric: Is it stinging?

Jackson: No.

Eric: Is it like tingling?

Jackson: No.

(long pause while shaking his foot)

Jackson: It's like.... like.....whiskies!

Lil' Helper

Mama? Where are you?

I'm in the potty.

Oh. (long pause) Do you need any help in there?


Eric, what is that smell? It smells like candy. Are you eating candy?


What is that? It smells so sweet.

I farted.

Shop Till You Drop

After the holidays, I needed to return a pair of boots. Jackson ventured with me to the mall and once inside the shoe store Famous Footwear, he got comfy on one of the large red stools they have in the middle of the store. He sprawled out and closed his eyes.

Jackson, what are you doing?

I'm resting for a little bit.

Ok, but come over here with me now. I've got to check out.

But I've traveled such a long way and am so very tired.

What are you Frodo?



"Mama, can you undo this? Grown-ups are really good at undoing things."


I know lots of sign language, mama.

You do?

Yes, wanna hear some?


Cold News

Sometimes when my hands get icy cold, I will creep around a corner, surprise Jackson and tell him in a sing-songy voice, “I’ve got some bad news!”
Then, I’ll take my cold hands and warm them on his neck before he dashes off in a chase around the house.
It always ends in a good game of chase and lots of giggles.
He has started doing it to me and Eric as well.
When he gets a case of icy toes, he’ll scrunch next to me on the couch, tuck a few under my leg and sing out, “Hey Maaa-Maaaaa! I’ve got bad news!”
It was just a silly game and I thought nothing of it until we went to a birthday party over the weekend and I heard Jackson say to another parent, “My mama, she always has bad news.”


"Smell the top of his head. It smells like someone rubbed a brownie in there!"

My Guitar Man

Jackson: Mama, will you play the roller skate song? (Brand New Key)

Mama: Ok .... Oh look, she's playing a guitar.

Jackson: Yeah, I'm all about guitars.


Early Christmas morning, Jackson stumbled out of bed and quietly toddled into the living room. His first comment was one of disappointment:

"I didn't have any sugar plum fairies dancing in my head last night."

After examining Jackson's wild bed head, my dad disagreed.


Each night before going to bed, Jackson and I would admire the Christmas tree and select our favorite ornament for the day.
Sometimes he would pick the same ornament each night, sometimes he was partial to the ones that featured photos of himself, and sometimes there would be much walking around the tree to find just the right one.
One night, we were curled up on the couch while trying to pick that day's ornament when Jackson turned to me and said:

Mama, do you know what my favorite ornament is?



Does this kid have my number or what?


Unfortunately, he may love this gift most of all.