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Snow Day

The top of his head clobbers my chin. Suddenly, he steals my nose. Twist. Kick. His tiny hands yank clumps of my hair as he wriggles in. His own flyaway hairs tickle my face as he rests his head below my chin. Snoring husband and squirmy two year old. It's 6:30 a.m., and it's a snow day.

After his shower, I dry him off with a towel and discuss the importance of getting the water drops off of himself before he steps out into the chilly hallway toward his room to get dressed. A moment later I turn to see him pluck imaginary somethings from his towel and place them on his chest and arms.
"What are you picking off of the towel, Jack?"
"Eye drops!"
"I'm putting the eye drops back on me!"
Snow day.

We hold hands while we eat warm, buttered bagels and orange juice for breakfast. Because it is a snow day.

It is amazing how entertaining a vacuum cleaner is. We vacuum the whole house, except for Jack's room. He doesn't want it vacuume…

Life List

I love making a list.

Who doesn't? Especially this time of year. Aren't we all making lists? Let's make a list of who is making list! You? and you? Yes, and I know YOU are.

Anyone who has ever done some traveling on the interwebs is surely aware that life lists are all the rage. The credit goes to for the birthing of such lists. One of my fave writers, I have enjoyed watching her cross off items from her 100-item-long list.

In the same vein, I thought I would start making my own list for several reasons. And then after talking with Eric about it, he started to make his own life list. And then I realized that making a life list should involve your life partner. Since pretty much they'll be the one watching the kid while you go do your life-list-stuff, right? It was touching to see how we had written some of the same things on our lists.

Why now?
1. Because I don't want to forget all of the things Eric and I hope to do someday
2. Because it will …

Friends and Family Part III: Lowlights

Not everything can go as planned, we all know that. However, our journeys to and fro were fairly uneventful. We left rough weather behind us and all were in good spirits along the way. But here are few of the less perfect moments:

Chocolate Meltdown: They only time Jackson came unglued was during the first ten minutes of the trip back home from Chattanooga. And really, it was my fault. I had brought with us some tiny holiday chocolates from Omi. Over our travels we would open one and all share it. I though it would be fun to start the journey back with a little treat. That morning, it seemed Jackson's holiday spirit had vanished and he wanted it all to himself. Who wouldn't? Anyone who has ever been around a two-year-old will know that there are just some things they won't do at that moment. No matter what. And during that particular moment, the chocolate was not to be shared. After a bit, we all recovered and were on or merry way.

We've All Got Baggage: Some of it goes …

Friends and Family Part II: Highlights

It is still January so, while late on some details of our holiday adventures, it is still early enough in the year to jot down some of the highlights.
Of course, spending so much time with tons of family is always the best part of any trip. It warmed my heart to see so many family members that upon arrival always greet us as if we've never left. Jackson slipped in with his cousins as if they'd been pals for years.
There were however a few moments that were really special, thoughtful, hilarious, memorable, etc. that I never want to forget.

Car Rental: This was encouraged by my father who does it on a regular basis when it comes to lengthy traveling. And I must say it was a great idea. We saved a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles and the SUV we rented was bigger and more comfortable for all the passengers we picked up along the way. It also had all-wheel-drive which came in handy several times. I highly recommend it because there was no better feeling then handing over the keys …

Show Time - A movie review in three sentences

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for talking animals, talking miniatures, talking statues, talking figurines, etc.
Thankfully, Hank Azaria and Bill Hader work their magic and save large parts of the movie.
Plus you learn a little history and gain an appreciation for saving important old stuff.

We give this two out of five Oreos.


As I rounded the corner into the master bath, I spotted Jackson standing near the sink holding a tiny bottle of eye drops in his right hand and its even tinier lid in his left.
I quickly snatched the bottle out of his hand and got down face-to-face with him.
I transformed into CSI-Mom-Mode and noted there were no drops around his mouth or eyes and the bottle still felt heavy (recall the saline incident of 2009?
Then I began to question my 36-inch tall suspect.
"Did you eat any of this?"
Hmmm. He had no alibi, yet he stood firm, claiming innocence.
I decided to go another route I learned from my sister-in-law, who has a five-year-old boy.
"What did it taste like?"

Show Time - A movie review in three sentences

I love me some Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx plays an incredible likeness to the real-life performer.
The crazy seemed a bit cliche, and the movie couldn't decide if it was a documentary or an artistic piece.
Who doesn't love a good cello performance?

We give this movie three out of five Oreoes.

One More Thing

My mother will tell you and I'll admit it.
I was the Champion Staller when it came to stretching out bedtime routines.
Aren't most children?
One more glass of water.
One more song.
One more snack.
One more story.
One more potty break.
One more conversation.
Wait! I just need to tell you one more thing...

I was the master.
Well, it seems my trait has been passed on.
Jackson has taken my crown. He is the Stalling King.
The worst part is that he does it all in the sweetest most loving way.
Like a true master, his requests tug right on your heart strings.

Wait! Big kiss, mama.
A sloppy kiss!
I need a high five!
One more song, mama.
Wait! Love you, mama. I need a hug from daddy. Can you go get him? I'll wait right here for him.
Daddy! I need a song.

You tired, mama?
Me too.
Be quiet, mama. We don't want to wake up daddy.
I need to go potty, mama.
Don't turn the water on too loud, it will wake up daddy.
One more hug?
Mama! I need my flashlight!

And then a…


Hey Mama! Don't put your face in my armpit!

More Grace

Tonight's grace:
Thank you for Mama.
Thank you for Daddy.
And I want a cookie.

Friends and Family Part I: Geography

We have spent the last three weeks soaking up every free moment with friends and family over the holiday season. It has been hectic and there was a lot of traveling but well worth it.
To us, the holidays are all about the people we love.
No gift is greater than that of a good time with close friends and family.
Warm and cozy nights were spent talking, sipping wine, catching up, dancing, reminiscing and getting reacquainted after such a long time apart.
There is much to be told so I thought I would start with our Holiday Geography.

The Geography
After Little Christmas in Fort Smith, we headed back to Tulsa only to turn around the next weekend for holidays Little Rock.
After Christmas there, we returned home for only two days before packing up for our final stretch and long haul of the season: Tennessee.
We left a blizzard in Tulsa and headed for an Uncle in Conway. After a quick bath snack for Jax, we loaded up Travis and headed to Memphis for an overnight pit-stop with Dan (Jackson's go…

Cookie Monster

After a week of extensive traveling and much merry-making, Jackson has had a slow start when it comes to getting back on track.
Actually, he has been great when it comes to getting up and getting ready for school but the last two mornings he has been going about it rather slowly.
So in an effort to lighten his mood and get him moving, I mentioned his warm oatmeal ready for him in the kitchen.
He responded by telling me he didn't want any oatmeal.
So like any health-conscious mother would do, I upped the ante with a cookie.
"I've got a tiny cookie in your oatmeal!" I bargained.
He was thrilled about that and came trotting down the hall, but as soon as he glanced in the bowl of oatmeal and saw the garnish of a moon shaped cookie he was filled with dismay.
"I want a whole cookie!" he moaned, the tears welling up.
"Honey, it is a whole cookie," I explained. "It's shaped like a moon."
"It is not shaped like a moon! I want a whole cookie!"…


After finally getting the meal on the table, I threw myself into my chair glanced around at the lovely faces around our warm and tiny kitchen table and said "Why hello, family!"
At the word family, Jackson suggested we all hold hands and say grace.
We agreed and as his chubby hand was squeezed in mine, we all closed our eyes and he "announced" his grace:

"I want cookies.
And I want grace.

Smile Pretty

I like to think that Eric and I will expose Jackson to a healthy variety of music. While we enjoy a top 40 hit as much as the next guy, we also like some rare tunes and are of course true believers of Classic Rock gospel.
I've never been able to stay on top of the ever-changing music landscape, but I've found my favorites along the way all thanks to friends that are incredibly in the music-loop.
You can tell our tastes are beginning to rub off on Jackson.
There is always a song or two involved when putting Jackson to bed, but which song depends on who is in charge of the night-time routine.
My set list includes Janis Joplin classics, AniDifranco and sometimes Dusty Springfield. But mostly this is because those are the only songs I know from beginning to end.
Eric's regulars include Cat's in the Cradle, No Sugar Tonight by Guess Who and some Beatles.
Most of time I never think that Jackson is truly listening to the words, but merely enjoying the soothing sounds.
Turns out I&#…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Was your holiday this awesome?