Cliche Clever

I have never been one to use or enjoy cliché’s when it comes to marriage and relationships. But sometimes you can't help it.
They ring so true.
However, when I see the phrase "all because two people fell in love" it does make me stop and think for a moment about its truth.
There is, of course, always truth in clichés - hence their clichéness.
And I always feel that truth most when I see this phrase.
The words have trickled onto day-to-day items, cards, home decor, etc.
I think of it even more so as Mother's Day creeps closer.
I think how the family line as I know it, all began because my grandmother met a boy.
Because another grandmother had a boy.
Because a girl kisses a boy under a college-campus tree and so it begins.
A tiny spark. A small moment. All spreading branches on the family tree.
Damn if it wasn't all because two people fell in love.

Crazy. But after I wrote this, Eric took me to a Japanese restaurant for Mother's Day. There we were - the fam digging into sushi and rice and what not when I looked over to a dry erase board behind the sushi chef and there is was. The phrase. Scrawled across in green, loopy cursive: All because two people fell in love.


Anonymous said…
Just think. What if WWII had never happened?

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