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Mam, is Izzy a rescue dog?

Yes, Eli. She is.

Who has she rescued?

Not a Planner

Eli, when do you think you will stop sucking your thumb?

Maybe when I'm big like you?

I see. So you don't know when?

I don't know.

Well, I was just curious as to what the plan was.

I don't have a plan.


Long pause...

But, Mama?


I do have a plan for hugging!

Oh, you do?

Yes, and the plan is: HUGGING!


Daddy, what does this key go to?

I don't know Eli but leave it alone. Put it back in my drawer.

But what does it open?

I don't know. It's just an old key. But put it back, ok?


Later that day....


Yes, Eli.

When will I get to be old enough to have a bunch of old keys that I don't know what they go to?

Soon enough.

Well, I'm getting a Spiderman key to go with my Spiderman car.