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Most nights, we all cook dinner together. Eric is stirring, I may be chopping and Jackson is rearranging Tupperware or pulling out random mixing bowls or lately dragging his tiny stool to the counter to get a peek over the edge.
I love having him involved in the process of making dinner. I think it is a good family activity and that he will learn a lot from it.
Measuring, colors, foods: all fun stuff.
However, when by myself things get trickier.
It is difficult to monitor fajitas, the dog and an 18-month old in the kitchen.
Chicken sizzling.
Baby begging for cookies.
Phone ringing.
Dog stealing baby's cookies.
Hot stove.
So I have had to set some firm rules.
The most obvious one has been not to touch the oven.
While he understands that it is hot, he has gotten rather lax about kind of touching it, or using the oven door's handle to pull himself up onto the stool, etc. (not while it is hot, mind you)
But when I am actually using the oven, he just cannot be near it.
For his safety=my sanity.

If I were a superhero, I would certainly not wear tights. There would be leather. Faux of course.

Look everyone! It's Safari! She's got a flock of geese in her fist and she's not afraid to use them!
I'm still working on the name. Something primal, animal-like, as my powers include communicating, summoning and working with animals. Not all dr. doolittle-like, but you know we'd have a bond so if I needed to bring on pack of wolves, they'd appear, snarl, and take on the dark-alley vermin. I would also have to be able to travel at light speeds- be that flying or warping to places, etc. - because how can you keep saving folks if you can't get there chop chop?

If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to Portland this weekend

have BFF. need helicopter.

my best friend lives in portland and i just have this inkling, that if she owned a helicopter she'd be pissed if she sent it to my driveway and i took a detour across the pond to see some eifle-tower action or some such adventure. so, just to save the friendship mind you, i'd pack my tote bag, grab the baby and hop in the bird ready for some bff action. later, we'll head to paris for cocktails.

Totally Humiliating

You know you are really sick this morning when you are reading a book to your son and he turns to you and says "ewwww" while gently covering your mouth which has been hanging open like a dog since you can no longer breathe through your nose.
Attractive moment? No.
Hilarious? Yes.

Location, location, location

Yesterday, while collecting Jackson from school, I turned the corner only to hear this mother/daughter conversation:
Mother: "You didn't poop at SCHOOL?"
Daughter: (smiles)
Mother: "You've GOT to poop at school."
Daughter: (Looks at me as I pass) "Hello!"

Our Choice

Congratulations, America.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Today, Barack Obama became the president of the United States.

As I tucked Jackson in to bed tonight, I realized for him it was just Tuesday.
Just another fun day of playing, napping, learning, giggling and snacking.
Which makes me very happy.
History was made. Hope and change.
Yet, today was just a normal day for Jack.
And that is exactly how it should be.

Things I Have Given My Child

I have seen this post on numerous mommy blogs and it has always made me smile. And then I started thinking about my own list and came to the realization that mothers everywhere will give their children anything if just for a needed 30 seconds during emergency situations.
We've all had our desperate moments.
It makes me feel better about my own.
So I thought I would make our own list.

Things I/We have Given (or Allowed Him to Play With To Buy Us More Time) Jackson to Entertain Him*
my phone
Eric's phone
a rock
package of coffee
a hair
panty liner
large package of diapers
a bottle of lotion
post-it note
computer mouse
a bottle of saline
a bottle of water
container of wipes
CD case
sealed package of motrin and/or tylenol
a can of tuna
empty two-liter bottle of soda

If you are able to comment, what has been the craziest/funniest/most outrageous thing you have given a child in order to purch…


Today was a terrible day at work as many lost their jobs. I want to include this within my blogging about our lives as parents because for the first time I did not fear for the loss of my job...
I feared for the loss of my insurance.
Like a mother bear who sees hunters approaching, I want to gather up my baby bear and put him high up in a tree where lay offs and severance pay and unemployment and Cobra plans can't reach him.
Even though our plan may not be the best, the thought of losing it sends my stomach reeling.
I hate to be someone borrowing trouble and I certainly am not one who needs more things to worry about, but today was a reality check.
I can't let go of the worry sometimes.
Yesterday, Jackson woke up with a cold.
Hunters beware, I'd kill for a good insurance plan for my baby.
One could go crazy if one thinks about it too much.


New words and new sounds this week:
Pocket (pronounced: Ba-beeee)


Last night at around 6:30 p.m. I heard this coming from the hallway:
"Hey buddy, don't run with that in your nose, okay?"


Dear Jackson,*
As New Year's Eve nears, most everyone starts to toss around resolutions, summations, etc. The round-up shows begin to air and we all begin to reflect.
The other night, while I was talking to you about your day and making wishes for 2009, I thought of your year-end-review and it kind of blew my mind.
I started to think of your 2008 accomplishments, firsts and events. It made me realize how much you have changed in only 365 days.
You may have changed more this past year, then you probably ever will within a 12-month time period again.
In January - First scary chest x-ray
In February - First teeth
In July (22nd) -First steps
In August- First birthday cake, First time in a pool
In September - First miserable first-year-molar hell

Some of your 2008 accomplishments, events, developments and so forth were focused on learning how to use/control your own body.
In 2008, you learned how to:
become weaned
drink formula
identify your family
drink from a sippy cup