Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Disappearing Foot

Whenever I help Eli into his pajama bottoms we both bump heads a time or two as we are simultaneously head-bent watching the pajama-bottom-putting-on-process. 
He stands on the changing table and puts his hands on the top of my head while I bounce each foot into the appropriate pajama leg.
It finally occurred to me this was serious business to Eli – hence all the intense supervision I get while dressing him. 
Last night, when we both had our heads down studying the process he murmured, “Where Eli’s foot go?”
At that very moment his foot appeared through the red elastic band at the end of his pj-pant-leg at which he immediately shouted  with joy: “DERE IT IS!”

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Apple of My Eye

Mama look at us with this play-doh! We are play-doh –maticians!

That’s right. Let’s make a sun.

Oh yeah, Ok!

We can make a play-doh campfire with this brown and red play-doh.

Oh yeah. Good idea. 

Hey bud, I gotta go help daddy for a sec. I’ll be right back.


(several minutes later)

Hey, mama! Come look at what I made!

What did you make?

An apple core!

An apple core?

Yeah! Look! I just took it out of the play-doh can, squeezed it and look… an apple core!


I know! I’m very creative.