Stop Sign

There is a stop sign we pass every day on the way home.
One day, a sign had been taped right over the word STOP.
After a few days, Jack and I agreed we should take that sign off so the sign would be visible again.
We talked about safety and taking care of your neighborhood, etc.
When we pulled up to it, he hopped out and tried to reach for the taped-on sign but could not reach it.
He jumped and jumped but still wasn't close. So he suddenly grabbed the stop sign pole and started climbing up it.
In his cowboy boots!
He forced himself up there and grabbed the taped on sign.
We were all impressed.
He is now so immensely proud of himself that EVERY TIME we pass this stop sign he refers to it and his stop sign.

Every day: There's my stop sign!

This kid, ya'll. I love him.


We all know Jack has a flare for the dramatic.
Still, sometimes it catches me off guard.
During basketball practice one night, he was running toward me for a water break. As I handed him his water bottle it spilled all over my dress.

Welp, I guess this dress is washed now.

Ha! That's funny.


(He turns to me with a serious expression and puts his hand on my shoulder - like he is the parent!)
You know, that's what I love about you, mama. You always stay positive!

Bedtime Routine

Each night, when I tuck the boys in I tell them how much I love them, how they are good, smart, kind, funny boys.

The other night when putting Eli to bed I forgot my usual end of day speech and as I was close to the door Eli stopped me with:

But Mama! You forgot all the sweet stuff!

The sweet stuff?

Yeah, you know how I'm smart, funny, cute? You know.


Just last night, Eric put Eli to bed. But he returned to the living room defeated and said that Eli still needed to see me.
So I went to his room and asked what was wrong. He peered up at me from under the covers with a look of absolute shock:

Mama, daddy didn't even do my songs or my compliments!


Eli! How exciting! You used your goggles to swim under water. What did it look like under water?


Boys Are Gross

I'll be right back. I have to use the restroom.

Are you going to do a pee-pee or a poo-poo?

That is none of your business.

I'll take that as a poo-poo.

Flat Stanley

Eli, would you like me to read Flat Stanley to you?

No, ma'am. I can read it with my mind.

Swim Goggles

Over heard between Eli and Jack at the pool - both are wearing goggles - when Jack was irritating Eli:

You can't see, but I am rolling my eyes at you.