Cute Thing #22

Jackson loves his strawberries.
Doesn't everyone?
And when he says the word it will absolutely suffocate you with adorableness.
Seriously, my heart can only take it a few times before I start to uncontrollably squeal at his sweetness.
He pronounces the delicious fruit like so:
"Mama! More sta-bap-pys, peas!"
and once he has recieved a few more:
"Sta-bap-pys! Sta-bap-pys! Sta-bap-pys!"

At that point I have passed out from chronic-cute exposure on the kitchen floor.

What kid-mispronunciations melted your heart?


Sylvie said…
Could we get a little video of this action? I want to hear it! We will be needing to hear it again when he's much, much older, so . . . .
Kathleen said…
I miss Jackson!! So, Jackie is actually surprising us by her very clear word, "No!" I'm not sure she knows what it means, but we're a little worried. :-)
Houpley said…
now i can work on capturing some sta-bap-py action. :)
kathleen! don't worry! one of jack's first words was also "no-no." and that was my first word. brace yourself for when she turns around, points her finger at you and says, "No-no mama, stop!" That's when you're in real trouble!
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, I have a very long list but a few are fry-ee-ayder for refrigerator, poonce for spoon, hambanger for hamberger. Actually, we still use these terms much of the time, as well as 'nak.

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