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BumFest 2009

While walking downtown after lunch, my husband and I passed a large man bellowing words from the gospel at passersby. He wore a black suit, had a large white cross standing beside him. A worn bible was in one hand while the other was in a fist being shaken at downtown employees scurrying for grub on their too-short lunch break.
He was unstoppable, passionate and very loud.
His booming shouts were echoing off of downtown's skyscrapers.
Eric kept glancing his way as we neared and I noticed how he made other folks a bit uncomfortable.

"I kind of like it," I said gesturing toward the corner preacher.

"Really?" Eric was a bit surprised.

"Yeah," I said. "I like to hear stuff like that on the street. I think it's cool. It's like America. It's like I live in a big city."

Eric paused and took a sip of his soda while considering my reasoning.
I continued.

"It's like one time I walked back from lunch and passed one guy playing a guitar, the…


It occurred to me that when Jack moved from being a Penguin to a Monkey I wrote a bit about his transition, new class and teachers. Last week he made yet another transition into the Alligator room.
It seems like every transition is a very big deal. Last time it was stressful for me because he was moving up to toddler level meaning no longer on the infant floor.
This transition is once again all about becoming more independent.
Fortunately many of the independent behaviors they will be developing he already enjoys doing.
Such as..,
-using utensils
-drinking from a cup
-taking his dishes to the sink
-washing his hands
-using a napkin

These are all things he has been doing at home on and off again for quite some time.
While nervous about Jack becoming such a big kid, I am excited about his teacher’s curriculum plans.
They will begin a daily preschool session and by the end of the year are expected to know colors, shapes and more in Spanish. I'm thrilled about that because the majority of the Spa…

I Saw Tuesday

While cooking supper...

Jackson: I saw mama.

Mama: Oh. You did? Ok.

Jackson: I saw daddy.

Mama: Oh, yeah? I did too. Where did he go?

Jackson: I saw Elvis.

Mama: Did he go with daddy?

(I finally look up and see Jack headed toward the dog with the green-handled SAW from his tiny toolbox.)

Mama: Hang on, now! Don't saw Elvis.

After supper...

Jackson: Mama, where trash cans go?

Mama: I don't know. Where did they go?

Jackson: Garbage man came, Mama. It's Tuesday.

Watch Out Tom

Me: I had a terrible dream last night.

Eric: Really?

Me: I dreamed you cheated on me.

Eric: Awwww, baby.

Me: With Katie Holmes.

Eric: Oh wow! Great job, Eric!

Literary Offensives

It's hard to write about this topic without coming off like an arrogant, pompous kind of mom (you know the type.) But after noticing this a few times and even discussing it with a few relatives who have noticed it too, I've decided something must be said.
I am so irritated and disappointed with the incorrect grammar and punctuation slipping into children's literature.
It's out.
Is this the part where I yell at those kids to get off my lawn?
Now that I have set myself up for scrutiny - as I'm sure my posts are riddled with misspellings and grammar whatnots - I would like to point out these posts are causal and not meant for teaching children to read.
On the contrary, Jackson's latest favorite, Speedy the Fire Truck, is a great Wheelie book he thoroughly enjoys.
Meaning we've read it a brazillian times.
It's got everything.
Plenty of fiery action, handsome firemen, rhyming phrases, large spinning wheels, a cat, etc.
And it all ends with a giant, glaring erro…

Photo Recap

Birthday photos are here:

and here:

(hope these links work. otherwise, you may have to cut and paste.)




While playing with his new tool set...

Jackson: Mama, I hamammering!
Me: I see that.
Jackson: I hamammer Elvis, mama?
Me: Don't hammer Elvis.


Jackson: I hamammer Jackson, mama?
Me: Uh.... Sure.

So Much Birthday

To top off our birthday-week-extravaganza, Jack was invited to his first little kid birthday party the Sunday after his party.
His classmate, Sawyer's birthday party was held at The Little Gym.
At first, I thought it would be just another giant, loud kid place riddled with pink eye.
But when we arrived, it was a lovely place that the group of kids got to enjoy all to themselves.
Jackson loved the gymnastic equipment and was a pro at the open-jupiter-jump-thing.
Mama however, not so much.
He did the parallel bars, walked the balance beam and climbed the rock wall.
After much running, climbing and flinging of tiny bodies on to colorful, odd shaped items, the staff corralled the kids in line for a little pre-cake Purel.

That was the moment I fell in love with The Little Gym.

The staff Purelled each and every one of their little grubby fingers prior to them smashing Elmo cupcakes into their faces.
My heart soared and I nearly made out with her. But I didn't want to embarrass the boy... or t…

Birthday Season

Birthday celebrations are over.
Bits of wrapping paper have been vacuumed. Laundry is done. New outfits are ready for school tomorrow, new colorful trucks are being broken in while shiny new books are being memorized.
And while everyone has returned home and the work week has already begun to drag by, Jack is still riding the birthday train.
In fact, he is the conductor of the birthday train.
All day at school, he sang "Happy Birthday." Apparently to anyone who will listen.
This continued through dinner, at which point he asked for my strawberry and when I gave it to him he said "Happy-birthday-to-YOU!" like it was one word.
A polite, proper, mannerly way to really show someone how thankful you for the bit of fruit.
He's weaning himself from the fountain of birthday.
Evidently, every day is a "Happy Birthday" kind of day.

He may or may not get this birthday-continuation trait from me...


So here we are the morning of Jackson's (and Eric's) birthday celebration.
Just this moment I hear Jackson eating breakfast with all the family that is slowly filling up our tiny house.
That's how I prefer it- family bustling all around, chatting and laughing.
Coffee is brewing and breakfast is warming up.
It is a luxury we don't get to relish in very often. Well, not as often as we'd prefer.
With family scattered across the world, it is always a treat when they drop in by car, by plane or even by Skype.
When family arrives to take part, it makes my emotions swell even more. I take a step back and lose my breath for a second when I realize they are all here for him.
Because they love him just as much as I do.
Because they can't wait to see how this life unfolds.
And mostly because they can't wait to see his face when he discovers there is frozen custard in his cake.


When company is on the way, cleaning is always at the top of the "get ready" list. Yesterday, we were cleaning for company and the upcoming birthday party.
I heard Eric wander into the kitchen and rummage for a snack while I was buzzing like a bee dusting every surface in the house.
He comes wandering over to the bedroom where I am threatening numerous dust bunnies with my industrial size can of Pledge.
"Is it snack time?" I muse out loud, hand on my hip.
"No." he says with a hang dog face.
"What time is it?" I ask, smiling in my mama-voice.
"Cleaning time," he mumbles. But as he turns to walk away he promptly moons me from the doorway.
Of course, I promptly spray the "moon" with some lemon scented Pledge.
The moon is dusty.