Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six Months

This weekend is Eli's christening.
Eric, Jackson and I have been busy getting ready for visiting friends and family. Eli has too. His days are filled with sitting up and solid foods.
On his six month birthday, he could sit for only a few seconds at a time. Jackson and I spent many evenings sitting Eli on Jackson's bed and then predicting which way the baby would tumble. This entertained Jackson immensely. Eli, too. Now Eli sits for long periods of time working at his activity mat, listening to Jackson read a book, cloud gazing from my lap in the backyard, marveling at the existence of Elvis, etc.
He is also his own bouncy seat. He loves to bounce and rock and dance in the safety of your arms. Seeing these healthy signs of coordination and development warms our hearts. Eli has also graduated from rice cereal to solids. His first taste was squash. Jackson was enjoying an afternoon in our baby pool and it occurred to me that it would also make an ideal spot to feed a baby his first solid treat. After enjoying several bites, I could just dunk him a few times and he was good to go. Jackson is pretty good at feeding Eli, too. Although when Jackson is in charge of dinner, Eli can hardly eat through all the grinning. And of course he tries to "help" feed himself by grabbing the spoon.
Medically speaking, Eli continues to be highly susceptible to respiratory infections. Every time he catches a random cold, it quickly turns into wheezing, choking cough, stridor and trips to urgent care for a steroid and breathing treatments. He has been put on a steroid inhaler twice a day and back on reflux meds to help minimize aspirations. His six-month check up is next week so I'm hoping to map out a long-term plan then. His next ECHO will be scheduled for later this summer.
Jackson, who lets everyone know he will be in kindergarten in the fall, continues to become an amazing big brother. I watch the brothers play and chatter and giggle and it is as if they have known each other forever. Maybe they have. Jackson plays peek-a-boo with Eli, endlessly. Seriously. There is nonstop peek-a-booing in our house and car. Eli can't get enough.
I'm so glad both boys are attending the same school during the summer. I get to see both boys at lunch during the week. Every day I walk Eli over to Jackson's class where he and his classmates are finishing lunch. Jackson loves showing off his little brother and Eli is always thrilled to have an opportunity to stare at Jackson.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey babe, thanks for making breakfast this morning.
No problem.
 So, uh.....
I left the water on in the yard all night.
So, we don't have to water that tree...ever.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Becoming a Man

Jackson pick up that dead bug.
Ewwwwww. No way.
Come on pick it up.
You're a boy aren't you?
Well, that's what boys do. Pick up bugs...


Jackson graduated pre-k. It was quite an event with cupcakes and a little musical number. I will have to post the video. He was quite proud of his certificate. Now that it is summer he will be going to Eli's school. This means I am driving both boys to the same location in the mornings. During the 15 minute drive Jackson reads a book to Eli. Eli loves anything Jackson does. Jackson loves reading. So it's a win-win. While reading a book about Eeyore, Jackson asked....
Mama, what does g-l-o-o-m-y spell?
What does gloomy mean?
Oh you know, like sad or kinda down. You know how Eeyore is always down?
 Yeah, it's probably because he always has a nail in his bottom.