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The boys say the best graces before dinner.  Yes, the boys. We have multiple graces at our mealtimes. Everyone wants a turn. Sometimes they are sing song, sometimes they are short and silly and sometimes they will melt your heart. The other day, Jackson was mid-grace and thankful for food and family and force fields. Yes, he ended his grace by asking if God could put a force field around our loved ones. I'm hope God is a Star Wars fan.

Good Night

I had just turned out the light and put Eli in his bed. I tucked his quilt and loveys and stuffed animals all around him when he looked up and sighed:
"This is just the place I want to be." Sigh. Their happiness is my happiness.


Jackson's favorite part about getting a hair cut is the faux-hawk the stylist gives him afterward.  "Mama, I love that lazy head that sleepy head what is it?" "Bed head?" "Yes?"

My boy, he loves him some good hair product, what can I say….


You better watch out mama, I'm going to grow up in just a minute! - Eli

Christmas Vocabulary

Over the holidays, the boys enjoyed their advent calendars from Auntie Fave.
Jackson's was an elaborate Lego calendar where each day was something to be built and add to a winter scene. Eli's was just as magical with each day providing a tiny toy to add to Santa's workshop.
Each evening we would open a day and play with that window's new treasure.
But Jackson was even pleased with Eli's advent-calendar learnings:
"Wow, mama, isn't this great? Eli is learning so many new vocabulary words like Trumpet and Gentleman!"

Rabbit Hole

Eli don't stand on the vent.
Well, I don't want you to bend it or fall in there.
Because then I won't be Eli anymore?

Because then I will sappear?

His Love Knows No Bounds

Eli, I Love you no matter what - forever and always.

I love you too, mama. Even if you get runned over I will still love you forever and always.