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Sure it is exciting to announce a new baby. But what can be more exciting than talking to your older cousin Davis?


Multiple Appendages

Amanda: Honey, when you pick up Elvis to put him on the bed be sure to do it like how you pick up a calf.

Eric: Ok.

Amanda: You know, with just your forearms.

Jackson: No mama! Daddy doesn't have four arms, he has two!


One of the things I love about Jackson is his dedication. He works to finish a job.
Not only does he love to be helpful and is thrilled to participate in yard work, house cleaning, etc. But he also knows how to commit to a theme.When his school called for it to be Cowboy Day the boy wants to be 100% authentic. He wanted to wear jeans and really deck out in the western wear. But I had to convince him that the 105 degree temperatures just don't agree with the theme de jour. So he settled for shorts and a neck tie.But what really warms my heart is that at the end of the day when I came to collect him from school my boy is not only sweaty, tuckered out and romping around in the gym in his cowboy boots, but he still has on his 10-gallon white cowboy hat.Dedicated to the end.If there is one shared gene that Eric and are sure to have passed on, it is Theme-Commitment.

Getting My Money's Worth

Mama God makes people. Not you and Daddy.Ok.You don’t put all those parts together in there to make someone. God makes someone.Mmhmm.So who made God and Jesus?Uh … well ... let’s call your godfather.Yeah, ‘cause he’s like God.Well, no … but this is why I hired him.

Second Verse

How can I write about all that has happened in the past year? How can I explain or relive some of those sad times? some of those happy times?
I've thought about how to put it all into words and sometimes it is too daunting to even approach. I relive some of it every day.
The sadness, the procedures, the beginning of beginnings. But it is too draining to locate and pluck out just the right words.
So I realized the best way to sum up the last year would be through the retelling of a conversation I had with Jackson on a car ride back from Fort Smith.
We had just visited Eric's parents for Memorial Day weekend. On the way back, it became apparent to us that Jackson had been listening to some of our grown-up conversations because the conversation started like this:

Mama, you're not pregnant. You have to have a baby in there to be pregnant.

But I am pregnant.

No, you just ate a lot.

No, there is a baby in there.

No Mama, you don't have a baby. You had a baby, but it didn't work…

Maybe Just One

Jackson you are so silly!

No I'm not. Not even one tiny drop.


Mama, is it a boy or a girl?

Do you think you are going to have a little sister or a little brother?

A little brother.

Well, you're right! It's a boy.

When can I see the baby?

Would you like to see the pictures?

Yes. ... How come you can see his penis?

Because the picture shows everything and that's how we find out if it is a boy or girl.

Where are his clothes?

He doesn't have any.

He is naked in there?!

That's right.

Doesn't he get cold?

Slip and Slide

Daddy, mama can't do the slip and slide because it will squish that baby like mashed potatoes.

What's In A Name

Mama, I have a lot of names.

I know. That's because people sometimes like to call you Jackson or Jack or JT or Jax.


So which one do you prefer? Jackson, Jack, JT, Jay, Jack-Jack, Jax?

Um .... I want to be called J-Man.


This Thanksgiving we will have even more to be thankful for.


Are you taking my temperature.

Yes, Mama. Hold still.

And? What is my temp?


Safety First

During his visit with my parents, my mom started peeling a zucchini. Jackson wanted to particpate but she warned it was kind of dangerous.
He disappeared only to return wearing his bicycle helmet.
Ready for kitchen duty:

They'll Get You Every Time

Mama, can you take my towel to the bathroom please?


Watch out for that Daddy in there.


Mam: Oh Jackson you should wear this shirt. It's blue. It will really bring out your eyes.

Jackson: You know I'm a boy, right Mam?