Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend our marriage survived:

  • a giant, all-day garage sale in the baking summer sun
  • purchasing a new lawnmower (since the old one died in the grass somewhere between an ominous mound of blooming clover and a tiny blow-up baby pool)
  • a sleepless night of ear infection madness
  • 12 trips to the grocery store
  • the selling and reselling and now again selling of a refrigerator
  • drunken scrapbooking
  • an endless search for swim shoes
However, weekend highlights included:

  • hearing Jack endlessly greet every garage sale customer
  • spending time with Nonnie
  • enjoying a totally cleared out garage
  • selling a giant box full of old quilting magazines, a water ski rope and the aforementioned totally broken lawnmower (truly niche market items)
  • watching Jack squeal with delight when he discovered we were shopping for lawnmowers
  • seeing a Giant Pyrenees doing his shopping at Lowe's
  • watching Jack ride a tricycle in the aisles at Target (is it wrong to reach toddler milestones at a major retailer?)
  • using the griddle for bacon and french toast
  • seeing how excited Eric was when mowing with his fancy, new machine
  • seeing how excited Jack was when watching the fancy, new machine
  • eating homemade guacamole
  • running through the sprinkler in the dwindling, afternoon sun

How was your weekend?


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