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It's over.
Christmas has come and gone.
The holidays brought all the seasonal requirements: lovely gifts, power outages, snow drifts, warm fires, tasty treats, road trips and family fun.
Our holiday road started with a trip to Fort Smith for the first round of Christmas. Growing up an only child I am always in a state of awe to see a family of five do up the event. With everyone married, a few kids here and there and Grandparents, aunts, etc. popping up, this season opener has become quite an event. It was amazing to have everyone together and we were lucky to have Emily and Justin in from New York.
Our next stop was to my parent's house. Everyone took turns holding Eli during an emotional Christmas Eve service. 2012 left us with big losses. Seeing little girls in glittery-gold angel wings acting out the Christmas story was at once lovely and crushing. And seeing my dad hold Eli and Jackson at communion for a blessing at once made me proud and heartbroken.
Jackson enjoys churc…