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I have been so neglectful. I have neglected this blog. I have neglected to keep up with Eli's developments and Jackson's achievements. I have neglected to mention our life changing events. Where to begin?
How about where we left off? Around Christmas? Sounds good. I work in a department of only three people. In December, my coworker decided to leave for another job. This caused me a ridiculous amount of stress at work - cue the shingles. So I was pleased when my director hired a replacement and the training began in January.  While things were still fast-paced and high-stress at work, the replacement was a hard worker and was catching on quickly.  One afternoon my director stood in my office doorway and mentioned that a contact wanted to suggest me for a job in Little Rock and would I be interested in such a position. Of course I would! Eric and I have always known that our long term plan included one day returning to Arkansas to be near our families but we had never found the…