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After reading about Dora's visit to the dentist, and discussing it at great lengths, Jackson was finally ready for his very first dental appointment.
This was a big event.
There were new offices, lots of fancy equipment, strange sounds, machines and farm animals.

The hygienist made him a pink chicken and Jackson was thrilled. However this still did not convince him to lie back in the chair.
No, thank you.
He preferred to sit, if you don't mind.
The hygienist was wonderful and patiently answered all of his questions.
He had a lot.
And he did not take his eyes off of her.

She showed him the water spout, the vacuum and the "tooth counter." All were big hits.

Jackson has always been one to observe before jumping in. So going through all of the equipment and discussing how things work was right up his alley. He is very brave, but he always needs a minute to adjust before committing.
She and Jackson became fast friends. He enjoyed answering all of her various questions. I was so prou…

Greek Festival

Jackson enjoyed his very first face-painting experience. After standing patiently in line forever,* he requested a pumpkin and a spider on his arms. He was so thrilled with the finished job, he didn't want to take a bath.

*side rant: the reason it took so long was because after a child got her face painting done her mother decided she wanted to have her face, neck and shoulders also painted. We waitied an hour while she requested this and that. Now I am all for expressing oneself but on a very hot afternoon with a line full of sweaty, tired, hungry children don't you think maybe she should just go get a tattoo?

It Even Had Solar Panel

At Jackson's three-year check up they ask me the usual questions to assess his development.
Can he dress himself? Jump on one leg? Recite the pledge of allegiance with a spoon resting on his nose? And so forth. One question in particular stood out because I wasn't sure I had ever seen him accomplish it: Can he stack 8 or more blocks? First of all, I'm not sure I can stack that many blocks. I was never even very good at Jenga. And those start out stacked. Of course, I'm not sure I ever played it sober.... But as I sat in the exam room, while the nurse blinked at me for my response I realized I had no idea. I mean, surely? Have I ever counted them? So I chuckled an affirmative and made a mental note to further examine the patient. A few days later, while playing blocks I causally began a stacking contest to see if Jackson did yes indeed qualify to be a three-year-old. It's no fun to just stack, so instead he built this:

I know it's kind of blurry but it was hard to get a good…

Do I Have Pants On?

You know how some things just all fall apart at once?
The other day I was in a rush. I collected Jackson from school and upon entering the house I ran to let the dog out, left the kid to his own amusement for a moment and dashed for my own potty break. Seconds later I hear Jackson having a lengthy conversation with someone. Did the phone ring? No. Hmmmm.
I hurry out into the sun room in the middle of switching from work clothes to at-home clothes when I realize he is talking to someone at the front door.
But the front door is locked. Is someone in the house? Eric's not due in for a while and by the way, where is the dog? Not in the backyard. I swear I just let him out. As I near the living room, I realize Jackson is talking to the next door neighbor. Oh crap. I check to make sure I have on pants. I wonder how they are chatting it up so casually in the living room. When I round the corner, Jackson and the neighbor are discussing how she has returned Elvis and would he open the door to let him i…

Cupid? Or Susan Lucci?

Susan LucciWhen I would go out with friends, we would always give boys fake names. I would always pick Erica. I just liked it. Sounded sexy but not over the top and kind of rare. Plus a shout out to Susan Lucci. Who can resist an Erica? Things got wierd though when the man I married turned out to be named Eric.

Isn't that crazy? That's how powerful Susan Lucci is.

Three Years Ago

I found this compliation again. It was made by my good friend Amanda Anderson of Red Frame Photography. I meant to post during all the birthday celebrations it is now!

Potent Quotables

After a long day repairing a doorbell:

"I'd rather be wealthy, than handy."


This thing has a little thing to put on the thing...

Yeah, and?

Well, the thing just popped off.



This morning Jackson was strolling through the house, a tow-truck-puzzle piece in hand, delivering vaccines:

Ok, mama it's time for your shot.

Another one?

Yep. This is a big one. Are you ready?


You were brave, mama.

Thank you.

Ok. Here's another one.

Are you some kind of medical lunatic?

No! I'm a doctor!


September is hard on everyone, I know.
September offers many sad days.
My plan is to coast through and hope for crisper days.

I thought the missing might feel less as Jackson got older.
But really it doesn't.
In fact, it's worse because I know how much she would have loved him.
Just adored him.
They all would have. They all do.

Still my thoughts. Still my favorite picture of her.

Rules Are Rules

Hey now. Be careful.

I am being careful.

I know but you can't poke me in the eye with your knee, ok?



Where's Jackson?

He's right there playing with a knife.

No, he is not!

Yes, I am!

You Think You Know Someone...

...and then they say this while cooking your breakfast:

"You know, I really don't see why everyone always gets so upset when they find a hair in their food. It's not like it's full of disease."


I have mentioned before about how much I love Fun Friday ideas. The majority of the games are big hits in our house. Last night I thought we would try her Oobleck recipe. I remembered making it as a child and knew Jackson would love getting super messy.
Here's proof:

A few other tips to extend Oobleck's entertainment value: giving the kid plastic silverware to manipulate Oobleck, hiding a penny in the bowl of Oobleck, saying Oobleck as much as possible.
In the past, Jackson has most enjoyed familyvolley games such as the cotton ball game and the Don't Eat Pete game. But his favorite is the Flour Tower game. Recently, we went to Eric's giant family reunion at Petit Jean mountain and I took some of the kids and tried out familyvolley games. They were a big hit. I'll have to find pics from the game session, but the Flour Tower was the most favorited.
Here is a pic of the kids doing another easy activity: FooDoodlers. Have you seen these? …


"No honey, I'm not saying you can't say the word 'penis'. I'm just saying you can't run around yelling 'penis -unicycle'."


For Sylvie: