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Lit Review

Jackson loves to read. The very first book we read to him was Goodnight Moon when he was 8 days old and trapped in a swaddle. He seemed to enjoy it....or maybe he was just in love with the ceiling fan.
Most mornings, it is the first thing he asks to do before I have even lifted him from the covers for a morning cuddle.
I say, "Good morning!"
He almost always responds with "Read book? Read book?"
So we generally start the day with a few of his favorite books. Even when he gets upset and we go to his room to calm down a bit, he always asks to read a book.
Reading soothes him.
So, the following, in no specific order are his very favorite books. And by very favorite, I mean we read these books over and over until mama and daddy's eyes glaze over while we think of possible hiding spaces for them.

1. Baby Einstein's Look and See (this has been a fave for more than a year)
2. Wheelie Books (Speedy the Fire Truck and Bumpy the Tractor are a package deal)
3. Baby On the Go

Before You Were Two

While for many parents the first birthday is an emotional event that many have a hard time accepting, I find I am having more heartache over Jackson's upcoming second birthday. It's just around the corner and I'm not quite ready to face the fact that he will be two.
I guess because "one" is closer to baby.
"One" was still little. Singular. Just still barely here.
For Jackson's first birthday, we had a very big get together, grilled outside and enjoyed the pool.
But two.
Two is serious. Two is a kid. Momentous.
Two has been around now. Familiar with the territory. Sophomoric.
Two is major. Tries to boss you around now that it has gotten comfortable with the campus layout.
I'm conflicted.
Because two is also funny. Two is so quick. So willing to learn. Two is adorable.
I always think "this is my favorite phase." But I find myself thinking that at every new phase.
Each stage is my favorite.
As we near the eve of his second birthday, I am once aga…

Sick Day

Home with the boy, today.
So we're hanging out, playing, swapping tall tales, etc.
However, Jackson never watches television.
But I do sometimes play a few youtube videos. Just stumbled across this one this morning.
And this video has been played...well...more than four times that's for sure.
Check it out. It's hilarious.
Sesame Street rocks.
He loves her.
Every time the song ends: "Where lady go?"


Should I be worried when Jackson takes his tiny bottle of fake syrup out of his grocery cart and pours it on to his hands to rub all over his body?


He slings the long white strap of one of my old purses over his tiny shoulder and drags it into the living room.
"Bye-bye, Mama!" he shouts over his shoulder to me.
"Bye-bye, baby. Love you," I respond as he turns the corner. "Where are you going?"
"Goin' shopping, Mama. Go get groceries," he says.
A few minutes go by, and I inquire, "What kind of groceries?"
He blinks.
"Baby groceries," he explains.
Thinking he might be referring to the actual size of a grocery item, I ask for further details.
"What kind of baby groceries?"
"Milk, Mama," he states very matter of fact. "Diapers."
"Great!" I say, thrilled he's finally taking some responsibility around here. "Here are the keys."

Wicked Awesome

We are going to finally see the Broadway musical Wicked this weekend.
I have been waiting to see this production for a very long time.
The last time it came through, it was an hour away and I was VERY pregnant so the two-hours in a car bit trumped going to the performance.
This time around it is in town and no one is pregnant.
I've already decided I will love the show.
It appears to have everything one could desire: grand gestures, magical costumes, wonderful music coupled with catchy tunes, a green lady, talking animals - what else is there?
Everyone knows how I adore a talking animal.
Call me corny, but I do love a good musical.
Rent is in my top five favs and while I wasn't so sure about The Lion King it turned out to be one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen.
I thoroughly enjoyed Chicago and continue to enjoy the soundtrack.
And of course Les Mis was life changing.
Those are my top four.
I'm leaving a slot for you, Wicked. That's how much I already love you.

So, what…

Vanishing into the Internets

Book burning takes on a whole new level.

(saw this link on and had to share.)

A Long Journey

Last night, at 10 p.m. my husband became official.
After four long years of school and countless hours of training, he passed his journeyman’s exam.
He is now officially a licensed journeyman.
He took the test after a working all day (in this insane heat) and while his left arm is in a cast. The exam was several hours long and he didn't come home until late.
I heard him quietly walk in the door. Grab a drink from the fridge and enjoy his first beer as a licensed journeyman.
Things taste different when you're official.
I'm so proud of him.

I guess the real question now is:
Anybody need an electrician?

More Star Power

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I've Always Wanted to go to Spain

So, we are in the early stages of potty training.
That's right - if you're squeamish bail out now.
While I am just thrilled that Jack is getting the concept, giving me a heads up when he's gotta go and enjoying using the "big potty," it is actually a lot of work for the parents.
There's the running to the potty, the flinging off of the diaper, helping him teeter delicately on the giant bowl and so on.
Many times by the time you get in to position it is too late or he has realized maybe it was a false alarm.
All these things we have to take in stride as he learns his personal ... ahem ... timing.
However, in the race to use the potty sometimes things get a little crazy.
Out of control, if you will.
Tonight, Jackson tells me he's got to go "poopie."
"Yay!" I say and we race down the hall.
Which is a hilarious sight to behold - his joyous romp to the bathroom. When is the last time you skipped your way to the potty?
Anyway, we get the step st…

Star Power

This link pretty much sums up the weekend:


Good friends, great food and a city that just won't quit.

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