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Get Smart

Sky Mail

You'll need to say thank you to Emmy for the gift, Jackson.

I will. I just did.

You did.

Yes, I said "thank you to Emmy" to the sky so she can hear me across the world.

The Whiz

Elvis Speaks

Time Space Continuum

Over the weekend Eric took Jackson on his first hike.
They trekked up Pinnacle Mountain and enjoyed the view. Both loved the adventure and plan to do more hiking.
In the meantime, when Jackson was regaling his weekend adventure to the quarterly bug guy visiting our home some of the details got a bit beefed up such as the 70 mph winds, etc.
The exterminator asked, "When did you go to Pinnacle?"
After giving it some thought Jackson replied:
" was tomorrow from Friday."


Daaaaddy, can we watch Chicken Run?

No, Eli. We can't watch Chicken Run.

K. Can we watch snowboarding?

Pick A Side the middle of a conversation about a family member...

He is your great uncle on your mother's side.

Ok. Mama?

Yes, Jack.

Who's side am I on, yours or daddy's?

My side.

Mama! I'm also on daddy's side, right?

Hmmm. Nah.


Ok, a little bit buuuut mostly mine.



Mama! Mama!

Yes, Eli? What's wrong?

Jackson's telling me all about it!

Oh, okay. Is that the same as "giving you the what for?"


After seeing our wedding photo for the first time:



Jackson, how did the doctor's appointment go with Mam?


What happened? What all did they say?

I don't know. You know I never understand what grown ups are saying.

That's not true. You're understanding me right now.

Yes, but I don't even know what PRODUCE means!