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Who's House?

Hello, God's house.
What? What did you say Jackson?
I'm saying hello to God's house. It's in the sky, so I look up and say hello to it.


Jackson, what is something your mama always says to you?
She says, I love you.
What is something your daddy always says to you?
Uh ... he says, Can you watch Eli for a second?

Colorful Vocabulary

Wah, dah, wah! Dah! Bah! Waaaa!

Hey Jackson, instead of just singing sounds to Eli, maybe you could sing actual words to him so he learns new words to say?

Ok. ... Red, red, red, red, red, white, white, white, white, blue, blue, blue, blue, magician, magician, magician, silver, silver, silver....

The Boys of Summer

You know how you have that one (or maybe two) friend who is your very close, bestest friend that you haven't really had a long conversation with in so long but you know that if you just set aside an hour or two and picked up the phone you would pick right up where you left off like you had never left each other's side? And you know how you can't just make a quick call to that particular bestie because there is just way too much to catch up on now so you keep putting it off and putting it off until now there is so much to catch up you feel like you need an entire Sunday afternoon to catch her up on all the details except that your afternoon is filled with recording your barely-five-year-old taking his own training wheels off his bike and zipping around the cul-de-sac while the nine month old is popping up tiny teeth and pulling up in his crib?


Well, you're  the one who majored in philosophy!
I didn't want to be a philosopher.
Then why did you major in philosophy?
Trust me, if I could go back and kick my ass I would!