A Few of His Favorite Things

Jack's Personal Top 5 List of Absolute Favorite Things To Do:
(in no ranking order)
1. Watching anyone mow a lawn. Watching Eric is of course the most preferred, however any neighbor mowing is an absolute treat. He will stand at the door and watch the neighbor plug in her electric mower, and won't move a muscle while he watches her in awe. When the neighbor adjacent to our lot began weedeating, he was mesmerized.
2. Watching Elvis act out his post-poop-dog-crazies dance. Jack will squeal, stomp and clap - encouraging the barrel racing action, as Elvis rounds every piece of furniture in his wild poop-celebration. Afterwards, Jack annouces the "dog silly."
3. Triple hugs. When I scoop him up in my arms upon coming home, he always reaches out another arm to get Eric in on the hugging action or vice versa. Then he loves for his face to be smushed between ours completing the triple hug.
4. Marshmallows. One weekend mom brought a bag, and I started giving him mini marshmallows to help with counting. He is up to three and can hardly contain himself while counting them. He is so entranced with the tiny things that when one tips on its side he stops all counting and repeats, "uh-oh!" until I right it. This delicate concern contrasts greatly to the moment he is done counting and immediately shovels all three into his mouth asap.
5. Driving. As if he has had his license since he was six weeks old, he hops behind that wheel like a pro. And just like a teen prepping for the strip, he starts cruising through the stations for just the right song while flipping turn signals and sending the wipers flying.


Sylvie said…
Where are the other 5 things in his top 10 list? Is there a page missing? I'm serious, I only see five.
Houpley said…
i don't know to what you are referring....!

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