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Trash Day

Shoooo-wee Mama! That trash can smells so bad. I mean that trash can smells like ... well, I don't want to say what it smells like. It's ok. You can say it. Well, that trash can smells like ... well ...  I'll just say that trash can smells like something that came out of your bottom. Long pause. I mean not your bottom! But someone's bottom for sure....


After a long evening of Eric feeling poorly, he decided to take a hot bath. Jackson and I were being good nurses until the kid decided to flip on me.
........... Oh, mama I'm not feeling so good either. Really? Yes, my stomach is hurting, too. Really. Yeah, babe, he must be having sympathy pains. Hmmm. Yeah, mama. I have centipede pains. You have what? I have those centipede pains. Daddy said. You do? Yes, I have centipede pains. And I didn't even touch that centipede! ___


Honey, the tree is crooked.

No, you're crooked.