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The Help

One of the first things we did after deciding to move back to Arkansas was to get rid of Elvis. 


About a week before the house was to be listed, we sent Elvis to stay with my parents. We thought it would be less stressful on him than if he stayed running up and down the stairs whenever there was a showing and then getting worried (read: bark non-stop) when the movers show up and start taking all of our things, etc. So he has been living it up in Arkansas, enjoying my parent's one-story, their dog Izzy and of course getting slightly spoiled. 
That being said, I had no idea how spoiled WE were with Elvis around. Of course we miss his furry face, companionship, opinionated grumblings and sassy personality. I also miss how scary his bark is when someone comes to the door (of course, once said stranger actually laid eyes on Elvis all fear would vanish but first impressions are important). But what we miss most about Elvis is how helpful he was - always picking up after th…

Without Warning

And suddenly Eli is a toddler. He is running around asking to go outside, getting ridiculously excited about eating bananas, throwing balls and sitting in my lap for a good read. He repeats everything you say, like a tiny parrot. At 25 pounds and with a mouth full of giant molars, he is officially a toddler. He is an excellent mimic. He almost immediately recreates any sound he hears, including the yodeling ring tone my dad plays for him. His tiny "hee-hoo" at the end of the yodel is heart-breakingly precious.
From cartwheels to head stands to big jumps, he tries to repeat everything Jackson does. He loves any musical note that floats by and when you hand him his lovey he squeals with joy while giving it a good squeeze.
He is getting good at drinking from a cup. He loves to color. He tries so very hard to put on his shirts and like his big brother, he is incredibly ticklish. He finds joy in everything. In fact, tonight when I put a dab of salad dressing next to his peas he n…