After supper was done and bath time was finished, I mentioned to Eric that we should start to use a bigger vocabulary around Jackson.
"What?" he said glancing my way. "You mean like Sacajawea?"


sylvie said…
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....infinity! Love that guy!
sylvie said…
P.S. You could do to Eric what's Charles used to do to me. Whenever I was gone somewhere and he was keeping Chris, he would teach Chris some ridiculous word, or polysyllabic word, i.e. "catastrophe," and then when I got home he would lead the conversation around to where Chris could say his word in a sentence in the context of the conversation. Then Charles would just respond as if nothing amazing had occured. I fell for it many times!
sylvie said…
pps. How does one edit ones comment after one hits publish? I see several mistakes in there that I would like to fix, e.g. using i.e. instead of e.g.! and the contraction "what's" in stead of just what. couple more. Culd you fix those for me. Or just delete the whole thing?
Anonymous said…
So what did you say when he said that? Unless, of course, tht is what you meant.
Houpley said…
Sylvie: That is so adorable! AS for deleting comments you should be able to do that if you want. Once, Jaap did it. Not sure how though.
Mom: I actually said something like: Well...sure.

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