Jackson's school is expanding. This means there are a lot of "workermen" running around with big tools testing fire alarms and jack hammering and whatnot. Jackson talks about them a lot since he is quite taken with tools and construction in general.

In fact, the other day when I picked him up from school we were walking down the hall and there was a ceiling tile missing from a project the guys are currently working on. Jackson casually looked up at the gaping space with wires hanging out. After we had passed it, he glanced back in its general direction and pointed up saying, "Remind me to fix that later."

But lately he hasn't been so thrilled with all the noise they been making.

"I don't like those workermen, mama."
"Why not?
"Because they put noises in my ears."


Sylvie said…
Ahahahahahaha! I know all kids say cute stuff but seriously, have you ever heard anything cuter than that?
Houpley said…
i happen to agree! : )

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