List, etc.

A few more things to add from Eric's life list:

1.Take the family trout fishing
2.Play golf with Jackson
3.Find a place to hit golf balls within walking distance
4.Go to Greece
5.Sail the islands
6.Build an entertainment center
7.Flip a house
8.Learn Japanese
9.Finish the quilt
10.Finish a 5k in 21 minutes
11.Play rugby
12.Become an engineer
13.Teach for a living
15.Visits Dayton, Ohio to see Greg's cousins
16.Travel with Pop and Dearie
17.Write a book with Amanda
18.Shoot a spoof video
19.Do Quicken


JA said…
Just wanted you to know that I, (JA, aka Jeannie Gray) am now following your blog. Your mom told me about it and I LOVE reading it! You are soooo funny!
Anonymous said…
Well some of that is pretty easy to check off. Does he mean do Quiken once or regularly? Not so much the speak Japanese.

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