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So, we had a lot of snow in the past few weeks, meaning lots of time indoors and evenings spent cuddling up with a good movie. Eric was in charge of picking up a few movies for the weekend before heading home and hunkering down for the storm.

What happens when you break from your NetFlix que and send the hubbs for a few flicks?

Here is what he picked out:

Christian Bale uses his scary "tell me about the bunnies and bears" Batman voice when speaking to robots that have been sent to infiltrate his bat cave.
Sam Worthington looks better in blue body paint while flying a fantastical-pterodactyl instead of a man eating airplane.
Arnold's fake cameo really doesn't make it worth it. (This is where Eric disagrees with me.)
We give this movie one out of five Arnolds.

It's Avatar the sequel: Pandora meets Earth... Kinda...
Bruce Willis goes robot-style with a ton of cover-up and sculptured hair while his hot robot wife hangs with junkies hooked on electricity.
The plot is so thin, that after Bruce jumps into various bodies searching for a way to save all mankind, you're really more interested in what kind of robot you'd pick out for yourself.

We gave this movie one out of five watts.

Sure, it's slow and rambly and takes some pointless, meandering plot twists but we are huge stand-up fans and laughed out loud at least five different times.
While I'm sure 75% of it was due to the accent, but who knew Eric Bana could be so hilarious?
My fave parts were the conversations of one-liners between Adam and Seth; too bad the movie couldn't have had more of that.
We gave this four out of five dick jokes.


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