My Funny Valentine

***warning: The following may not be for those of weak stomach. But hey, neither is marriage.***

10 reasons why I asked Eric to be my Valentine:

10. When the power went out a few weeks ago and we were in for a big storm he headed to the grocery store to stock up. I said, just get produce and anything else you think we might need to get through the strom. He came home with Fresca and a bag of bridge mix.

9.He has been sincerely trying to perfect his omelet-making skills. He is constantly refining his recipe and flipping technique. He loves bacon as much as I do.

8. He does voices. Sometimes for days at a time.

7. He makes me laugh every day. The best part is that he really seems to find it a goal of his. And I don't mean he makes me chuckle every now and then. I mean, it is a my-stomach-hurts-cause-I-can't-breathe-because-I-am-laughing-too-hard kind of laugh.

6. He has removed shards of glass, celery strings, silverware and tiny intricate pieces for sippy cups from the garbage disposal on a regular basis without complaining. He has stuck his hand in there when you couldn't even SEE the actual drain, let alone the garbage disposal due to the horrid water rising from the sink. Then he has gone under that retched sink to inspect the garbage disposal bucket thingy further. And ... he has done this more than once.

5. He sent me Valentine flowers to work three days prior. He always orders just the kind I love. He made dinner reservations for the holiday and agreed that at 9:30 p.m., after finishing our lovely dinner and wine, we needed to face that fact that we are old and headed home for an evening of I-try-to-sleep-while-he-tries-to-work-a-crossword-puzzle. This involves me nodding off while he pesters me for answers and then is shocked when I actually know an answer to one. He is also blown away every time he realizes that I know who Warren Zevon is or when I quote lines from the movie The Three Amigos. Once he high-fived me with tears in his eyes after I shouted, "I am still with you El Guapo!"

4. Not only does he set the mouse traps, but he stays calm when we hear it go off while I shriek through the house unable to determine if I am more freaked out that it might have worked or that it might not have. He also doesn't laugh when I look at the unsuccessful, empty trap and say "Maybe he won't come back now? Maybe he got the message?"

3. He disposes of the "successful" mouse traps.

2. He gets down on the floor and plays with Jackson. Really plays. He is Jackson's jungle gym. They are best friends. He gives him his bath, every night. He loves being a dad. Every time he leaves for work, he stops at the door, points a finger at Jack and says "Don't go changing on me!" and Jackson grins into dimples and returns the sentiment.

1. But probably the No. 1 reason I will always ask Eric to be my Valentine is ...

... drum roll ...

... get ready ...

... it's gross ...

... but ...

After Jackson threw up all over our kitchen floor forcing me to immediately exit the state of Oklahoma, he totally cleaned it all up.
All of it.
In minutes.
With 409.

In my book, you clean up the vomit? I will stand by your side for the rest of your life.

Sometimes love is simple.

Happy Valentine's day, baby.


Sylvie said…
Wonderful post! Touching and hilarious! And I always love hearing the Eric stuff. I would memorize every word of dialogue from The Three Amigos for a man who cleans up vomit. Or unclogs the garbage disposal without a whisper of rebuke. Or any of that list. But the part about how he loves being a dad -- He really does, and it's so obvious. What a man! He really deserves to be your valentine! :) Love you both so much. xo
JA said…
You make my heart smile.....

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