Living with a two-year-old is like living with a ghost.
Items throughout the house have been hidden, replaced, moved, etc. We live in a house of magic where things pop in and out of existence.
Anything from CDs to hairbrushes to a tiny orange shark to a harmonica can be lost forever or discovered inside your shoe weeks after you gave it to the kid so you could finish your phone conversation.
Living with a pet can be this way, too.
Many times I would come home from work and find a stray sock in the middle of the floor and Elvis staring at me as if he'd never even laid eyes on that partly-chewed sock. Sometimes, a shoe and its partner would be in separate rooms and again Elvis would deny any involvement.
However, with a two-year-old all bets are off.
Last week, I was wondering why my printer kept jamming only to open it and discover a CD tucked inside.
Another time Elmo's creepy, bulbous, white eyes stared back at me when I opened my dresser drawer.
Eric has been in the process of putting on his work boots in the morning only to stop part way and pull a harmonica out of his right boot.
Plastic bugs have terrified me time and time again. Once, I even found a dusty, praying mantis sitting patiently among the leaves of our dining room palm. How long had he been sitting there watching us eat?
These little ghost reminders, while do give me a bit of fright from time to time, always make me smile.
I remember having little secret places for tiny treasures.
I still have a few.
So when I'm putting away laundry and pull open Eric's drawer to find a tiny coral-colored ball and a bright red cell phone nestled among hills of white socks, I smile and leave it in its hiding spot because I know the little ghost will be back for his treasure.


Anonymous said…
Happily your ghost is safety conscious and has hidden these treasures rather than having left them in the middle of the room to be stepped on barefoot in the middle of the night.

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