Exit: Stage Left

After watching the Olympics, he became inspired and started ice skating. But then it turned to gymnastics. Never to early to start prepping for Summer Games. Anyway, some may say the show must go on but it seems that Jackson aspires to a more sneak-away-and-maybe no-one-will-notice approach.


Sylvie said…
Love this! Obviously great athlete in the making! Or at least he will play one on the stage or in front of the camera! ;) Either way I'm sure we will be highly entertained!
Sylvie said…
P.S. I keep looking at that tweet asking for an opinion on CarMax, and over and over I see it as "Karl Marx"! Then for a milisecond it again crosses my mind, "why does she care about HIM?" Duh!
JA said…
I give Jackson a 9.55555! whoo hoo!
Kathleen said…
"Ohhh mannnnn!!!" Hahaha!!

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