Just Jack

"Mama!" Jackson leans his head forward while his eyes are rolling toward the back of his head. A look of concern flashes on his face. "I can't see my hair!"

A helicopter passes overhead.
"Where is that helicopter going?" a teacher wonders aloud.
"It's going to Albuquerque," Jackson answers.

"Mama! Mama! Maaaaaamaaaaaa!"
"Elvis is looking at me!"

"Miss Stephanie wants to ask you about how well your potty training went. What are going to tell her?"
"I tell her that I go potty and then I say, 'I'm reeeeeeadyyyy! Come wipe my booooottooooom!'"

"Mama, which one do you like best? The Sante Fe or the Murano?"
"Uh ... which one has more warranty?"

"Mama? When I grow up can I be a girl?"
"Uh ... Look! Ice cream!"


JA said…
Love, love, love this!!!
Sylvie said…
Even though you had told me most of these I still laughed out loud. About being a girl when you grow up, I think the ice cream answer is the best one, but he will eventually learn that most of the men in our family are girls in their own manly way. It's a huge reason why we love them!
P.S. I see below that the word I have to type to post this is "ovula!" :))

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