Smile Pretty

I like to think that Eric and I will expose Jackson to a healthy variety of music. While we enjoy a top 40 hit as much as the next guy, we also like some rare tunes and are of course true believers of Classic Rock gospel.
I've never been able to stay on top of the ever-changing music landscape, but I've found my favorites along the way all thanks to friends that are incredibly in the music-loop.
You can tell our tastes are beginning to rub off on Jackson.
There is always a song or two involved when putting Jackson to bed, but which song depends on who is in charge of the night-time routine.
My set list includes Janis Joplin classics, Ani Difranco and sometimes Dusty Springfield. But mostly this is because those are the only songs I know from beginning to end.
Eric's regulars include Cat's in the Cradle, No Sugar Tonight by Guess Who and some Beatles.
Most of time I never think that Jackson is truly listening to the words, but merely enjoying the soothing sounds.
Turns out I'm wrong.
Not only does he now sing all of the words to Cat's in the Cradle, which is absolutely heartbreaking, but now he makes requests.

"Sing Watch Your Back, mama," he asks meaning Ani's politically tough song Every State Line heard here:


Fortunately, I have been singing him a slightly edited version. I just hope the next time his teacher scolds him he doesn't point at her and say: "Smile pretty and watch your back."

What would you sing?
*here is actually a version of Ani singing it.
Maybe this means Jackson will be an immigration lawyer? or at least a tolerant human being.


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