Show Time - A movie review in three sentences

I love me some Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx plays an incredible likeness to the real-life performer.
The crazy seemed a bit cliche, and the movie couldn't decide if it was a documentary or an artistic piece.
Who doesn't love a good cello performance?

We give this movie three out of five Oreoes.


Sylvie said…
I LOVED this movie. I expected to be depressed by it because of the "true story" part, and of course the depiction of the terrible lives of the homeless does hurt, but it was a relatively happy ending. Very well done in my opinion. And I loved the music.
Cookie said…
I have this in my DVR to watch at some point!
Houpley said…
true about the ending. much better then i thought. i watched the real guy and was shocked at how well Foxx captured him.

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