As I rounded the corner into the master bath, I spotted Jackson standing near the sink holding a tiny bottle of eye drops in his right hand and its even tinier lid in his left.
I quickly snatched the bottle out of his hand and got down face-to-face with him.
I transformed into CSI-Mom-Mode and noted there were no drops around his mouth or eyes and the bottle still felt heavy (recall the saline incident of 2009? http://houpley.blogspot.com/2009/11/youd-better-check-yourself.html)
Then I began to question my 36-inch tall suspect.
"Did you eat any of this?"
Hmmm. He had no alibi, yet he stood firm, claiming innocence.
I decided to go another route I learned from my sister-in-law, who has a five-year-old boy.
"What did it taste like?"


Sylvie said…
I wonder how long this works, or if boys as smart as yours and Aunty Fave's finally figure it out. Like, will their girlfriends be able to say, "Did you kiss her?" "No." "Was she wearing flavored lipstick?" :))
Anonymous said…
Too funny.

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