Life List

I love making a list.

Who doesn't? Especially this time of year. Aren't we all making lists? Let's make a list of who is making list! You? and you? Yes, and I know YOU are.

Anyone who has ever done some traveling on the interwebs is surely aware that life lists are all the rage. The credit goes to for the birthing of such lists. One of my fave writers, I have enjoyed watching her cross off items from her 100-item-long list.

In the same vein, I thought I would start making my own list for several reasons. And then after talking with Eric about it, he started to make his own life list. And then I realized that making a life list should involve your life partner. Since pretty much they'll be the one watching the kid while you go do your life-list-stuff, right? It was touching to see how we had written some of the same things on our lists.

Why now?
1. Because I don't want to forget all of the things Eric and I hope to do someday
2. Because it will be interesting to one day look back and see the things that seemed important for us to include
3. Because maybe our child (children) will find it interesting


Did you see that?

Just got to make another list!

So for the real list - which we will be continuing to add to I'm sure - here goes. (please note some items may be added only by one of us...)

1.Own a lake house
2.Visit Italy
3.Sip mint juleps with friends/family in the summer evenings on our wrap-around porch
4.Get a wrap-around porch
5.Take a trip around the United States to see major attractions: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Big Ball of Yarn, etc.
6.Write a book
7.Host a fancy dinner party
8.Meet President Obama
9.Have another child
10.Have a child with President Obama (just testing to see if you're still reading)
11.Go on a cruise
12.Paint the bathroom in our game room with chalkboard paint so everyone can leave hilarious/dirty messages
13.Get a game room
14.Have Christmas/Thanksgiving at our house
15. Own a Jeep
16. Tend an elaborate vegetable/flower garden with fountains and secret spots
17. Take an incredible photograph and then have it blown up and nicely framed in the house
18. Become a famous comedienne
19. Visit New York City during Christmas
20. Have an old fashion Coke machine in the "game room"
21. Drive a motorcycle
22. Attend the Olympics
23. Teach my children to water ski
24. Write. Every day.

I'm sure this list will continue to grow.

In fact: (2/11) A few more things to add from Eric's life list:

1.Take the family trout fishing
2.Play golf with Jackson
3.Find a place to hit golf balls within walking distance
4.Go to Greece
5.Sail the islands
6.Build an entertainment center
7.Flip a house
8.Learn Japanese
9.Finish the quilt
10.Finish a 5k in 21 minutes
11.Play rugby
12.Become an engineer
13.Teach for a living
15.Visits Dayton, Ohio to see Greg's cousins
16.Travel with Pop and Dearie
17.Write a book with Amanda
18.Shoot a spoof video
19.Do Quicken

The exercise ended up being more difficult than I thought. We get so caught up in the day to day battles and victories that sometimes it's hard for me to think big. To think beyond work issues and tonight's supper and whether or not Jackson is ready for the next size shoes and why is the dryer taking so long to dry...

Excerpt from a Bon Apetit Interview with Maggie Mason abut Life Lists: When you start writing your Mighty List, try not to worry about practicalities. A hundred things is a lot to think about, so after you write down "get pilot's license" and "visit King Tut's tomb," you'll still have a lot of room for the mundane stuff like, "watch less TV." Let yourself dream big, and change the list to suit you as you go along. The whole exercise is supposed to be fun. Post your list in a prominent place and get started on the easiest thing. Even if you don't keep up with it, you'd be surprised at how much can happen for you just because you've written your intentions down. It makes you conscious of the things you want for yourself, which helps you move in that direction.

After some obvious goals and a few fun ones, I was surprised at how hard it became to answer: If someone asked you what is it that you've always wanted to do, what would you say?

What would you say?


Sylvie said…
So far, so good! You have great aspirations, and have every chance of fulfilling these and many more. Really hope I'm there for the lake house and the wraparound porch and the mint juleps and the holiday festivities, and, well, just about everything I guess! Hurry! ;)
Anonymous said…
I would say that (for me) rather than a list, I try to go by a sort of "mission statement". I hope to living an interesting (to me) life and to have a positive (again, to me)influence on my surroundings. Too trite? But that is as specific as I can get and it is all relative anyway. To me, "interesting" has meant experiences as diverse as crewing for the Swiss Alpine Marathon to seeing which tiny plants made it through the winter this year. And "positive" influences range from helping someone organize a closet to working on Operation Baby-Lift after Viet Nam fell. There is so much in between and much of it is, as you said, mundane. To me, all of it is so rich, especially knowing what size shoe Jackson wears now. Size 12, right?
sylvie said…
WHAT? He's already outgrown his Christmas boots? Those were 11, and at the time they were too big! That's it; I'm moving to Tulsa!
Anonymous said…
No, no Size 12 was meant to be a joke because I thought it would be way off. I didn't realize it wasn't so very far off.
Houpley said…
Wow. Anonymous. Way to take the cake, there. Geeze. Now I WILL have to have Obama's baby to top all that awesome Viet Nam business...

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