Friends and Family Part III: Lowlights

Not everything can go as planned, we all know that. However, our journeys to and fro were fairly uneventful. We left rough weather behind us and all were in good spirits along the way. But here are few of the less perfect moments:

Chocolate Meltdown: They only time Jackson came unglued was during the first ten minutes of the trip back home from Chattanooga. And really, it was my fault. I had brought with us some tiny holiday chocolates from Omi. Over our travels we would open one and all share it. I though it would be fun to start the journey back with a little treat. That morning, it seemed Jackson's holiday spirit had vanished and he wanted it all to himself. Who wouldn't? Anyone who has ever been around a two-year-old will know that there are just some things they won't do at that moment. No matter what. And during that particular moment, the chocolate was not to be shared. After a bit, we all recovered and were on or merry way.

We've All Got Baggage: Some of it goes unclaimed. On the drive back home, we were to pass through Scottsboro, Alab. A place that hosts the largest Unclaimed Baggage Center: A few months prior, my parents had visited it and knew we would enjoy the unclaimed inventory. So we made plans to stop by and take a peek. But on that cold morning, we learned that the shop is closed on Sundays! Why we didn't check the hours on the site, prior to leaving is a mystery. However, the detour did take us through Gurley, which is where Eric spent much of junior high. So we took some time to see some memorable spots.

You Spin Me Round: After trekking the train at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo area, we dashed over to see the waterfront area with its large stone animals that turn into fountains during the summer. Jackson climbed aboard giant lions and elephants and horses. However, stick a pole through the beast and spin it around and Jackson will have nothing to do with it. Just behind the stone creatures was a magnificent, fairy-tale-like carousel with all the bells and whistles. It was beautiful. While Jackson was not particularly fond of the last carousel he rode in Oregon, I thought maybe now (six months later) we could try once more. He stepped on with confidence and selected a giant frog for his ride. He bought it for about 30 seconds. After that, he began to waver and finished the ride in my arms as we watched the world go by.

So just to recap: giant stone animals=good; giant spinning animals=not so good.


Anonymous said…
I, myself, have never seen the virtue in sharing chocolate. Some things just go against the laws of the Universe, you know?
Sylvie said…
Anonymous has a couple more things she does not see the point of sharing, n'est pas? I'm thinking specifically of barbequed chicken and bacon. If there is enough for everybody, Anonymous will still be nervous about the term "enough for everybody." ;)
Sylvie said…
P.S. I made the carousel picture public so everyone who reads your blog can see it. Is that okay?
Anonymous said…
. . . and pecan pie.

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