Friends and Family Part I: Geography

We have spent the last three weeks soaking up every free moment with friends and family over the holiday season. It has been hectic and there was a lot of traveling but well worth it.
To us, the holidays are all about the people we love.
No gift is greater than that of a good time with close friends and family.
Warm and cozy nights were spent talking, sipping wine, catching up, dancing, reminiscing and getting reacquainted after such a long time apart.
There is much to be told so I thought I would start with our Holiday Geography.

The Geography
After Little Christmas in Fort Smith, we headed back to Tulsa only to turn around the next weekend for holidays Little Rock.
After Christmas there, we returned home for only two days before packing up for our final stretch and long haul of the season: Tennessee.
We left a blizzard in Tulsa and headed for an Uncle in Conway. After a quick bath snack for Jax, we loaded up Travis and headed to Memphis for an overnight pit-stop with Dan (Jackson's godfather) and his pregnant wife Sarah.
The next morning we headed to pick up the Mother-In-Law in Jackson, Tenn. Only to find out she was no longer there but instead on the fast track toward Nashville. So after catching up with her at a Backyard Burger outside of Nashville, we made our way to the "Land of Copleys," or as some call it Cookeville, Tenn.
After celebrating New Year's Copley style, we loaded up the rental once more and trudged through the mountains to Chattanooga.
To Sylvie's house we went, and visited with more family.
After two nights there, we were on the long 12-hour journey back home stopping in Scotsboro, Alab. for a quick look at the UnClaimed Baggage store, which in case you were wondering- is CLOSED on Sundays! Oops!
After that realization, we made a stop in Gurley, Alab. to take a tour of Eric's childhood neighborhood.
After an episode of "Eric! This is Your Life" we moseyed on for lunch in Corinth, Georgia.
From there, we made it to Little Rock for some refueling and finally drove in to Fort Smith for sleep. The next morning we drove back into a freezing and snowy Tulsa, that looked as icy white as when we left it.


Anonymous said…
I'll bet Jax (seasoned traveler that he has become) has some good stories from his car seat perspective, too.
Sylvie said…
I'm questioning the stop in Corinth, Georgia. Pretty sure that would have required going in the complete opposite direction from Arkansas. Whatever, the two nights with Sylvie were the best beginning of a new year she has had in many a year! If the rest of the year is that great, it will be a wonderful year! xoxoxo
Houpley said…
well we activated our jet packs and headed to GA! :) meant corinth, alab. i'm still not sure what state we're in. that drive back was crazy!

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