One More Thing

My mother will tell you and I'll admit it.
I was the Champion Staller when it came to stretching out bedtime routines.
Aren't most children?
One more glass of water.
One more song.
One more snack.
One more story.
One more potty break.
One more conversation.
Wait! I just need to tell you one more thing...

I was the master.
Well, it seems my trait has been passed on.
Jackson has taken my crown. He is the Stalling King.
The worst part is that he does it all in the sweetest most loving way.
Like a true master, his requests tug right on your heart strings.

Wait! Big kiss, mama.
A sloppy kiss!
I need a high five!
One more song, mama.
Wait! Love you, mama. I need a hug from daddy. Can you go get him? I'll wait right here for him.
Daddy! I need a song.

You tired, mama?
Me too.
Be quiet, mama. We don't want to wake up daddy.
I need to go potty, mama.
Don't turn the water on too loud, it will wake up daddy.
One more hug?
Mama! I need my flashlight!

And then as I'm kneeling beside his bed, about to fall over from this crazy bedtime dance, he reaches out in the dark and places his finger on the tip of my nose.
"Boop!" he says giggling under his quilt.

Man, this kid is good.


Sylvie said…
Ahahahaha! Once more proving the old adage: What goes around, comes around! Did this just start with the big boy bed or has it been going on since before he could get out of bed by himself? Just wondering if he calls out for these "one more times" or if he gets up and shows up wherever you are in the house. When Elizabeth was little, Brenda had her convinced that she must never get out of bed once she was tucked in. It was okay to call out for anything, but her feet must never touch the floor! Nobody knew exactly what would happen if she actually got OUT of bed, but she would never risk it! :))
Houpley said…
just started with the bed transition. i forgot to mention the reuqests for the flashlight, too. last night, after i heard some major renovations going on in his room, he finally fell asleep with it on. too cute.
Anonymous said…
Oh you just wait! "One more kiss" turns into "I need to talk about . . . " You may fill in any seriously important topic that most parents feel compeled to discuss whenever the perfect opportunity presents itself - life, death, sadness, peer situations, etc., etc. The kid knows they've got you because you would never miss the window by suggesting we talk about it in the morning. Come to think of it, you would have missed it.

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