Cookie Monster

After a week of extensive traveling and much merry-making, Jackson has had a slow start when it comes to getting back on track.
Actually, he has been great when it comes to getting up and getting ready for school but the last two mornings he has been going about it rather slowly.
So in an effort to lighten his mood and get him moving, I mentioned his warm oatmeal ready for him in the kitchen.
He responded by telling me he didn't want any oatmeal.
So like any health-conscious mother would do, I upped the ante with a cookie.
"I've got a tiny cookie in your oatmeal!" I bargained.
He was thrilled about that and came trotting down the hall, but as soon as he glanced in the bowl of oatmeal and saw the garnish of a moon shaped cookie he was filled with dismay.
"I want a whole cookie!" he moaned, the tears welling up.
"Honey, it is a whole cookie," I explained. "It's shaped like a moon."
"It is not shaped like a moon! I want a whole cookie!" he shouted with full on fury.
"Well, it's either this cookie or no cookie at all," I said and presented the ultimatum by slowly taking the cookie out of the bowl and putting it on the counter next to it.
He then set fire and spewed forth venom as he snatched up the moon cookie and promptly shoved the whole thing in his mouth.
At once.
Without taking his eyes from my face.
Like a tiny crazy person.
The expression on his face made it perfectly clear: "C is for cookie. And it better be a whole one, bitch."


Anonymous said…
Cookie fury is just the worst, especially when you KNOW that it is really only half a cookie that "they" are trying to pass of as a stupid moon. He may be only 2 but he knows the differnce between a real cookie and a moon shaped substitute.
Sylvie said…
He also obviously knows the difference between a full moon and something shaped like whatever's up in the sky on the other 30 days of the month! Seriously, a new moon or a half moon--look just like someone already took a bite out of them. Duh. It's infuriating to be treated like a dumb ass! But still, might as well eat the fake moon cookie. Better than no cookie at all.
Houpley said…
don't knock my stupid moon cookie. this kid is going to have to learn how to fend for himself when it comes to cookies!

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