Tinkle Bells

So ... I can explain.
During this family photo shoot at the park, Jackson had to "go" and since at this time we were in the middle of potty training he dropped his drawers before I could even determine potty locations.
While on the one hand I was horrified, on the other I was thrilled the boy chose monkey grass over his khakis.
The photographer, who also has a little boy, knew just what to do.
Document it!
And thus the family Christmas card was born.
Our Christmas cards were designed and created by the lovely and talented Emily Lytle. (Shout out to Cookie!)
Once again, she has outdone herself and our cards were a big hit all around.
We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday and a wonderful new year!
Eric, Amanda and Jackson (and Elvis)


Sylvie said…
I blame Jason. Remember he's the one who showed Jackson this man secret. If only they would keep it a secret! :))

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