As the icy wind settles into the nooks and crannies of our 1952 home, so does a winter case of the Nots.
The Nots have slipped their way into breakfast, bath time, the car ride home from school and even when getting ready for bed. While they never appear in anger and they are only here to test our conversational patience, they do tend to pop up everywhere.

Be careful. I hear they are contagious.

A few symptoms to look out for:

Me:Look Jaxie! Christmas lights!
Jackson: Those are NOT Christmas lights.

Eric: Careful the water is hot.
Jackson: The water is NOT hot.

Me: Elvis is hungry; we'd better go feed him.
Jackson: Elvis is NOT hungry.

Anyway, there is no vaccine for this epidemic as of this posting.
Please, warn the others.


Sylvie said…
LOL! Jackie is NOT oppositional. He's entitled to his opinions!
Anonymous said…
What do you think would happen if you said, "Elvis is NOT hungry. Lets feed him."?

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