While managing his numerous construction projects, building and re-building his railroad dynasty and repairing various household fixtures such as door jams, Jackson also likes to wear a fancy pair of heels.

His favorites include my pink and tangerine sandals with a flower at the toe, my red pumps and my black high-heeled loafers. He loves nothing more than to clack around in these lovely little numbers, while taking out the trash, pushing his blue and yellow dump truck or working his bright orange pliers.
He is conflicted.
In fact, last night he pulled up his tiny red chair next to me on the floor, grasped his pliers and began to give me a trim in his salon. He "curled" individual locks with wooden pieces from his set of train tracks. After finishing my new do, he promptly transformed the curvy piece of track into an air guitar for some bluesy tune.
All in a hard day's work.


Anonymous said…
The boy is never bored.
Sylvie said…
His mind is a kaleidescope! I love how he wants to act out everything he learns or observes. His everyday life is Disneyworld!

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