Me: So, I heard you got in trouble today.
Jackson: Yeah.
Me: What happened?
Jackson: I got the Neosporin.
Me: Why?
Jackson: Cause I need the cream to put it on my hands and on my leg.

(please note there is no need for Neosporin on his hand, leg or entire body, yet he dispensed with a tube today)

Me: Well, the next time you need the Neosporin ask the teacher. You say to her, 'Teacher, I need some Neosporin, please.' Ok?
Jackson: Ok.
Me: Let's practice.
Jackson: Teacher, can I have some Neosporin to put on my hands and on my leg, please?
Me: Nice work.
Jackson: Can you sing "Cat's-in-the-cradle-when-you-comin'-home"?
Me: Ok.


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