Every night, before putting ourselves to bed we do a check to ensure the boy is covered, settled, etc. in his crib. Usually we just pull up the quilt he has kicked off, or put Elmo nearby, etc.
However, the other night I peeked in to find Jackson's bare shoulders peeping out from under his quilt.
Odd. I had put him in some footie pajamas, since it has been so cold at night.
Footies that zip all the way up. Covering shoulders.
I whispered for Eric to come see this funny sight, thinking he had just unzipped the top of his fleece pjs and gotten his arms out. But as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I reached in to the crib and pulled out his entire footie pajamas.
They had been shoved to the other end of his bed.
Uh ...
I brought my evidence out in to the hallway to show Eric his boy likes to sleep in the nude.
"Did you check to see if the pull-up is on?" was the first thing he asked.
Oh shit, I didn't think to check that!
Eric, sneaks back in the dark nursery only to come back out shaking his head as if in dismay.
He grins at me and triumphantly reveals the pull-up.
Dry and completely in tact.
Like it was a prized fish he had pulled from the choppy waters, he raised it high in the air.
The kid was really committed to this project.

Eventually, after laughing ourselves into tears, we snuck back in and were able to "re-pull-up" the boy and slip on some other pajamas that fortunately we're still on his body in the morning.


Sylvie said…
Well, what can we say? He comes by it naturally!
Anonymous said…
Bet he was shocked when he woke up clothed.

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